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The precursor of Maruni Wood Industry was Showa Mageki Kojo (Showa Bentwood Factory). Founded in 1928, this company established the technique of bentwood working that was considered extremely difficult at the time. The name of the company was changed to Maruni Wood Industry, Inc. in 1933, after which the company set about achieving the industrial application of crafts skills in distinction to traditional Japanese methods of furniture production, which had remained until then firmly rooted in the field of the handicrafts. Working under the concept “Industrializing Craftsmanship”, we strive to refine our developmental abilities to give physical form to wonderful designs and to perfect the technical capabilities needed to mass produce such designs in order to create wood furniture that provides true value. Fuse typical Japanese sensibility for the delicate with technical craftsmanship to create furniture that creates an unconscious urge to feel it, and that also combines both utility and beauty.

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