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yellow korner 'lake tahoe' by slim aarons

yellow korner 'lake tahoe' by slim aarons



Numbered edition of 100 pieces

The print is stuck without overlap on a composite aluminium sheet. This fine and light material is the most suited to perfectly conserving a very large photograph perfectly flat plane in the long term. Suited to large format works, this finish allows a direct focus on the work. The print is covered with an anti-reflection film which protects it from deterioration from humidity and UV rays. This film is invisible on naked eye. Its 0,8" thick frame makes the structure easier to hang the photograph separating it from the wall. The work is easily hung with steel wire (or with two hooks for giant and collector formats because of their weight). ABOUT THIS PHOTOGRAPH : LAKE TAHOE, NEVADA. Whilst the man is lying on a sun bed next to a swimming-pool, the young woman, immersed in the water, is leaning on the side to talk beneath a radiant sun. The couple is modelled after WASP America from the 50s: radiant and prosperous. The swimming-pool and its bluish water are the central elements of the photograph. Taken at Lake Tahoe, the pool is located right at the border between California and Nevada as indicated by the mosaic inscriptions at the bottom. Of amazing clarity, the photograph is reminiscent of the hyperrealist paintings by the contemporary American painters Eric Zener as well as Alyssa Monks. (1959)

48" w | 48" h

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