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yellow korner 'la décoratrice' by alastair magnaldo

yellow korner 'la décoratrice' by alastair magnaldo



UV-protected aluminum mounting
Additional plexi layer
Edition of 150 copies
Made in France

The reproduction of the landscape is the source of his work. In effect, the photographic representation of landscapes although excellently executed by many authors has limits: a landscape goes well beyond its strict representation, it is an invitation. For Alastair Magnaldo it is an invitation to dreams and poetry, where each detail has its own sense, each element its use, each scene its story to tell.
Who has never dreamt of sleeping in cotton-wool clouds, to twirl amongst the stars and to rub shoulders with the moon? These are childish, simple emotions, inevitably constrained in some place by a traditional photographic reduction that he wanted to bring out in all simplicity.
When his children invaded the field of vision, it was them of course that he began to direct. It is their false naivety and their freshness, which during a beautiful moment makes it believable.
It is to this almost magical moment removed from real and daily life, which comes from the bottom of everyone’s dreams, that this work of creation is completely dedicated.
Everything, or nearly everything converges there; the almost systematic insertion of an observer to which the spectator cannot prevent themselves from embodying, with a play on distances and dimensions to delete the fullness of photographic paper and the absence of aesthetic effect not exclusively serving the creative cause. His reasoning is a product of a creative gesture subjected to the originality of each story. Each photograph must be a totally separate creation with its own idea.

39.5" w | 44" h | 1" d

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