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yellow korner 'jimi hendrix I' by elliott landy

yellow korner 'jimi hendrix I' by elliott landy


Numbered edition of 500 pieces

The print is stuck without overlap on a composite aluminium sheet. This fine and light material is the most suited to perfectly conserving a very large photograph perfectly flat plane in the long term. Its 0.8" thick frame makes the structure easier to hang the photograph separating it from the wall. Easy hanging frame.
Suited to large format works, this finish allows a direct focus on the work.
A contemporary and elegant finish. The print is covered with an anti-reflection film which protects it from deterioration from humidity and UV rays. This film is invisible on naked eye. ABOUT THIS PHOTOGRAPH: Jimi Hendrix is considered one of the most pioneering musicians of the 20th century. His revolutionary approach to the electric guitar, his sense of improvisation, his use of effect pedals and amplification resources to liberate sound influenced most of the musical styles which developed in the ‘70s. ‘I am not sure that I will get to the age of 28. What I mean is that when I feel that I have nothing more to give musically, I will no longer be alive.’ On 18th September 1970, Hendrix was found dead at the Samarkand Hotel in London. The circumstances of his death remain unclear even if it was proven that Hendrix had consumed a large quantity of barbiturates and alcohol.

24" w | 36" h

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