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gaia & gino eye collection  - candleholder
gaia & gino eye collection  - candleholdergaia & gino eye collection  - candleholdergaia & gino eye collection  - candleholder

gaia & gino eye collection - candleholder



Design Sebastian Bergne for Gaia & Gino, 2010
Iznik quarts ceramics with Swarovski elements
Handmade (limited edition of 250/300 pcs) in Turkey

Eye is one of the Gaia & Gino collections launched within the context of "Swarovski Elements at Work" project. And Gaia & Gino is the first company in the world to use the new "Crystal Rocks" product of Swarovski Elements. Eye tabletop objects are handmade with Iznik quartz ceramics and Swarovsky Crystal Rocks. Both Iznik work and the Nazar symbol are very important in Turkish culture. Iznik is a very rich ceramic mainly based on quartz ceramics whereas the eye motif on the tabletops is a charm believed to protect the owner from the evil eye or bad luck. Technique: The pieces are handmade and handpainted in the traditional Iznik factories of western Anatolia using a quartz based clay and glaze recipe that goes back hundreds of years. Iznik ceramic is extremely durable (lasting 1,000 years) and ecological at the same time. The inclusion of the powerful Swarovski Crystal Rock Elements adds texture and light to the pupil and brings these stunning objects to life. This collection is produced as "limited edition of 250 pieces" for the large vase and small vase, each numbered 1-250.

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